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The Perfect Payment Gateway For Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

When creating an ecommerce store or online purchasing system, payment processing is of vital importance. It is necessary to provide your customers with a streamlined and straightforward process. They should be able to easily add goods into an online shopping cart and make a payment within a few minutes. PayPal is a payment gateway platform that offers this type of service, and is one of the most popular solutions for ecommerce developments.

Since its creation in 1999, PayPal has grown to become the largest online payment platform in the world. In 2002 it was bought by eBay, after the eCommerce giant realized the gigantic financial potential that the online platform presented for their own business. Since then it has been adopted as a viable payment option by thousands of businesses across the globe. World Market, for example, allows you to order their furniture online and conduct payment securely via PayPal, and of course multinational companies like Amazon and Walmart have long since started supporting the popular online payment system. With a user base of over 220 million spread across 202 countries, it is reported that over 770,000 websites utilize PayPal as their preferred payment gateway. These figures are simply staggering and should help impress the scale and reach PayPal has. In terms of actual transactions, in 2017 alone, PayPal processed payments worth over 7.6 billion USD in over 50 different international currencies. There are few other platforms who can boast these kinds of figures.

So why would your shopping cart benefit from PayPal? Firstly, PayPal is one of the best supported payment gateways available. There is a multitude of apps and plugins available for most online shopping carts that use or support PayPal. Furthermore, the system itself is streamlined and simple - customers can make payments easily using PayPal, and it is not even mandatory to create an account. Finally, due to its popularity, PayPal has great support and there is a plethora of  guides, tutorials, and info on how to best use this platform in your ecommerce store.